Energy saving and environmental copper busbar

Update:2017-02-20 View:1705

Gansu Mingwang plant produce the energy saving and environmental copper busbar which is suitable for high and low voltage electric appliance, switch contact, power distribution equipment, bus duct electrical engineering as the conductive material.The product is mainly used to make distribution cabinets, spare parts .

The production of copper busbar based on the automatic, continuous extrusion and automatic drawingtechnology, greatly shorten the process, reduce the consumption, save production cost, improve the efficiency and product precision, reduce the labor intensity and eliminates the pollution of the environment.Our copper busbar with low resistivity,high bending performance, etc.

In 2008 our busbar through the identification of scientific and technological achievements, in 2009 won the science and technology progress prize of non-ferrous industry association, brand-name products ofGansu province in 2010.We'll from more detailed to introduce our new type of copper busbar.