Silicon manganese plant copper tile

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Silicon manganese plant transfer the energy into heat for the workpiece.Silicon manganese plant by using the copper tile as its electrode for transmit the large current.At the end of the 19th century,industrial-scale electric furnaces were introduced.Since the 1950s,the increase in demand for advanced metallurgical products and the development of the power industry the reduce the electricity costs.The proportion of electric furnaces in metallurgical furnaces has increased year by year.

As the connector and the electrode of the silicon manganese plant,the cost-effective of the copper tile is special importance.With the research and the development on the production,new type copper tile of us is the one with the best conductivity cope tiles in this line,which is used to promote.Our plant good at on the production of copper alloy products and the aluminium alloy products,high density,good conductive effect,the structure is more simple,very convenient to be replaced,the most important thing is more durable.

Our plant is good at on the production of silicon manganese plant copper tile,but we also produce over 300 types and specifications copper alloy products,aluminium products and the copper products are also our expert,the products including,rods and bars,profiles,wires,tubes,plates,etc.More than thousand tons of each material are supplied overseas customers every year.Has the area of more than 30000 square meters of the overall plant,Which has a long history since the establishment over 17 years,has the rich experienced technical staffs more than 200.

Our silicon manganese plant copper tile,with a creative reform and innovation.Production under the new craft and advanced machines for insure the silicon manganese plant copper tile performancegood quality,good products performance,longer service life.If you have the special request on the dimension,we also can produce according,Please email us your production requirements.