Smelting furnace copper tile

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Smelting furnace transfer the energy into heat for the workpiece.Smelting furnace is often collect melting,drying,baking,plus chemical reactions such as heating process.At the end of the 19th century,industrial-scale electric furnaces were introduced.Since the 1950s,the increase in demand for advanced metallurgical products and the development of the power industry the reduce the electricity costs.The proportion of electric furnaces in metallurgical furnaces has increased year by year.

As the main component of the smelting furnace,the efficiency of the smelting furnace copper tile is the key performance.Using the new material and production process,smelting furnace copper tile is the best choice for instead of the cast copper tiles,which can be widely used.Our smelting furnace is made by the forging,high density,good conductive effect,the structure is more simple,very convenient to be replaced,the most important thing is more durable.

Our plant is good at on the production of smelting furnace copper tile,but we also supply lots of the copper products with hundred of the types and dimensions,aluminium products and the copper products are also our expert,the products including,rods and bars,profiles,wires,tubes,plates,etc.More than thousand tons of each material are supplied overseas customers every year.Plant has a ares of over 36000 square meters,which is established in 2000,with the total technical staffs more than 260.

Our smelting furnace copper tile,with the new production technology and machines and the high purity copper as material.Through advanced production equipment and production processes for protect the good quality of the smelting furnace copper tilegood quality,good products performance,longer service life.Any of the question of our copper tile and aluminium products,Please email us your production requirements.