Metallic silicon smelting copper tile

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Metallic silicon smelting transfer the energy into heat for the workpiece.Metallic silicon smelting industry is charge in the smelting for many metal,like the ferroalloy,nonferrous metal.At the end of the 19th century,industrial-scale electric furnaces were introduced.Since the 1950s,the increase in demand for advanced metallurgical products and the development of the power industry the reduce the electricity costs.The proportion of electric furnaces in metallurgical furnaces has increased year by year.

As part of the component during the production,the metallic silicon smelting copper tile quality is the best element effect the production efficiency.With the revise on the material and the updating production equipment,the copper tile of us reach the first level in this line,which can be used instead of the casting ones.Our metallic silicon smelting copper tile is produced by the new craft,good density and much higher conductivity,one-piece structure is more simple,easy to change and replace,the most important thing is more durable.

Our plant mainly function is develop and product kinds of metallic silicon smelting copper tile,but we also produce over 300 types and specifications copper alloy products,aluminium products and the copper products are also our expert,the products including,rods and bars,profiles,wires,tubes,plates,etc.More than thousand tons of each material are supplied overseas customers every year.The overall area for the plant is about 3600 square meters,which has the long history since 2000,with 260 professional and technical personnel,rich production experience.

Our metallic silicon smelting copper tilepopular in domestic and overseas customers.To produce the products use the advanced products machines and updated craft for assuring the stable quality of metallic silicon smelting copper tile has high quality,better performance,the service life is the original 3-6 times.Any request on the customization,Please offer us your special production requests.