Calcium carbide plant copper tile

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Calcium carbide plant transfer the energy into heat for the workpiece.Calcium carbide plant is use of calcium carbide as raw material can be synthesized a series of organic compounds for industrial, agricultural,pharmaceutical raw materials.At the end of the 19th century,industrial-scale electric furnaces were introduced.Since the 1950s,the increase in demand for advanced metallurgical products and the development of the power industry the reduce the electricity costs.The proportion of electric furnaces in metallurgical furnaces has increased year by year.

Which is the mainly parts of the calcium carbide plant,the conductive performance and the quality level is the most important performance.With the changing on the process of the production and the equipment,the new copper tile now is the best option for the calcium carbide plant,which is in the promotion of the use phase.Our plant is one of the best calcium carbide plant copper tile manufacturer,good mechanical properties,a higher conductivity and density,the structure is simple,good for changing and replacing,the most important thing is more durable.

Our plant is committed to the production of calcium carbide plant copper tile,but also supply more than 300 kinds of specifications and models of copper products,aluminium alloy products also in our productions lines,like the profiles,rods and bars,wires,tubes,over 3000tons of aluminium and copper products are exported each year.The plant area is about 36000 square meters,which is established in 2000,with the experienced engineers and technical staffs of more than 260.

Our calcium carbide plant copper tile,with a innovation and updating production,the performance of our copper tile improved efficiently.By through our new advanced production craft and the machines to assure the calcium carbide plant copper tile qualiythas a nice quality,good performance,the service life is improved in a longer time.If you have other more request on the calcium carbide plant copper tile,please contact us for any questions.