Steel plant copper tile

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Steel plant transfer the energy into heat for the workpiece.Steel plant industry is use the iron ore as the mail raw material,At the end of the 19th century,industrial-scale electric furnaces were introduced.Since the 1950s,the increase in demand for advanced metallurgical products and the development of the power industry the reduce the electricity costs.The proportion of electric furnaces in metallurgical furnaces has increased year by year.

As the key part during the smelting of the steel plant,the quality and the production service life of the steel plant copper tile need to be concerned while placing.With the innovation on the production process and material,new method steel plant copper tile is welcomed by more and more customers in the world,which can be widely used.Our steel plant copper tile has many advantages,higher density and conductivity,much more concise on the structure,and convenient for replacement,the most important thing is more durable.

The plant is a expert manufacturer which is specially good on the research and production of steel plant copper tile,but the plant also can offer hundred of the models and specifications copper products,aluminum profiles and a variety of copper and aluminum wires and rods,oxygen-free copper rods,oxygen-free copper,with an annual output of 3,000 tons copper products,1,000 tons of aluminum products.The plant area is about 36000 square meters,which is established in 2000,has the rich experienced technical staffs more than 200.

Our steel plant copper tile,with the updating on the production.Through advanced production equipment and production processes to keep the good quality for steel plant copper tilehas a better performance,good quality,the service life is longer than before.If you are looking for the good quality steel plant copper tile,please feel free to contact with our factory.