Iron alloy furnace conductive device

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Metal smelting is the process of changing the metal from the compound state to the free state.With carbon,carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other reductants and metal oxides at high temperature reduction reaction, access to metal elements.Most of the ferroalloy products are treated with reduced electric furnace.Products are ferrosilicon,carbon ferromanganese,manganese silicon alloy,carbon ferrochrome, tungsten iron,silicon chromium alloy,silicon calcium alloy, phosphorus and iron.

Chinese iron alloy furnace rich in the general category,high performance equipment,welcomed by the customer's overseas.In order to improve the efficiency of smelting and reduce power consumption,reduce production costs,Chinese new type ferroalloy furnace conductive devices come out.

The new type iron alloy furnace conductive device are based many innovations in last 20 years.Our plant is the first supplier in China,which promote the green production methods in this industry.

We own the international standards production line and large scale workshop.The quality and the performance of our iron alloy furnace conductive device is ensured.Our new generation of electric furnace conductive devices in the conductivity is significantly better than any of the previous conductive devices.The conductive device do not need to be repaired in the production any more.Any request on our products,please feel free to let us know.