Smelting furnace conductive device

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Chinese nonferrous metal industry has formed system,including mining,smelting,processing and geological exploration,engineering survey and design,construction,scientific research and education sector.By the end of 2000, nearly 3,000 non-ferrous metal industrial enterprises,the total assets of 310 billion yuan,employing 1.3 million people.10 kinds of non-ferrous metal smelting capacity of 9 million tons,of which 1.6 million tons of copper,aluminum 3.3 million tons,1.2 million tons of lead, zinc 2.2 million tons.Copper processing capacity of 2.56 million tons,aluminum processing capacity of 3.35 million tons.

In the process of metal smelting, the performance of smelting furnace,power consumption, production capacity and so on by many factors.Smelting furnace conductive device is one of the most obvious impact of an important component.

Our smelting furnace conductive devices'development and innovation is more than 20 years.Which is the first plant which start to produce the green smelting furnace conductive device in China.

Compared to other smelting furnace conductive device manufacturers in China,our factory has the largest,most advanced equipment and technology,strong technical force.Our new generation of electric furnace conductive devices in the conductivity is significantly better than any of the previous conductive devices.The conductive device do not need to be repaired in the production any more.Any request on our products,please feel free to let us know.