Silicon manganese plant conductive device

Update:2017-11-05 View:1545

Si-Mn alloy in a large, medium and small submerged arc furnace to take a continuous operation for smelting.Si-Mn alloy is commonly used in steelmaking composite deoxidizer.So the world for the silicon-manganese alloy smelting are very seriously.At present,the world's silicon-manganese alloy electric furnace is large-scale,fully enclosed direction.

Chinese silicon-manganese alloy smelting from the equipment selection to the control of the production process has a series of strict requirements.The innovation performance and avoid environmental pollution is the most important requirements.

Our plant's silicon manganese plant conductive device is welcomed in domestic and overseas by our customers.Which also has a good reputation in the conductive device manufacturer in China.

The new silicon manganese plant conductive device will bring our customer a new acknowledge on this products.Our new generation of electric furnace conductive devices in the conductivity is significantly better than any of the previous conductive devices.You are free on the repairing of the conductive device.Any customization service please send us your request.