Metallic silicon smelting conductive device

Update:2017-11-06 View:1555

Metallic silicon smelting is a high energy-consuming industries,Chinese metal silicon production has a long history.With the national energy policy tightening and energy-saving emission reduction carried out,metal silicon smelting equipment has also been improved.The new type of metal silicon smelting furnace conductive devices achieve the green production purpose in mass-production.And its performance has also been a qualitative leap.

Chinese metal silicon smelting conductive devices use a wide range.Better meet the needs of users to use, as a trend.A new generation of green energy-saving conductive devices is a major innovation in the industry.

The metallic silicon smelting conductive device is the high conductivity and environmental conductive copper tile which is based our effort for years.Our plant is also one the best metallic silicon smelting conductive device manufacturer in China.

The new plant has the largest scale production line in China,the production machine is customized and famous on the advanced performance.Our new generation of electric furnace conductive devices in the conductivity is significantly better than any of the previous conductive devices.You are free on the repairing of the conductive device.Any request on our products,please feel free to let us know.