Silicon calcium plant conductive device

Update:2017-11-06 View:1514

Copper tiles are one of the most widely used conductive devices for silicon calcium plants and act as conductive and connecting elements in a submerged arc furnace.Chinese silicon calcium plant has a long history,the quantity is large.In order to better control the environmental pollution during the production process,we began to try to use the updated equipment and production methods.Silicon calcium plant conductive device - conductive copper tile production process of serious environmental pollution.

The use of new materials and processing technology produced by the silicon calcium plant conductive devices to fundamentally solve this problem.Become one of the most popular conductive devices.

The silicon calcium plant conductive device of us is the new creation of the furnaces.Produced by the new the technology and equipment.It is the first environmental friendly conductive conductor in China,famous on the lots of specifications and good quality.

Our plant has more than 3 standard workshops,about 700 expert technical staffs.We can guarantee each quality of our conductive device.Our new generation of electric furnace conductive devices in the conductivity is significantly better than any of the previous conductive devices.You may save much time on the repairing,for our conductive device do not need to be repaired.Placing in our plant is available,please fee free to supply your question.